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Dr. Gabriel Lacombe

Dr. Gabriel Lacombe

Dr. Lacombe graduated from Dentistry school at the University of Montreal in 1983. He completed his Masters Degree in Dental Anaesthesia at the University of Toronto in 2003.

As a board certified Dental Anaesthesiologist, he is qualified to administer sedation and anaesthesia to adults and children starting at 3 years of age for dental treatment.

Dr. Lacombe is an associate professor at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. He is also a guest lecturer at Laval University in Quebec city for the teaching of advanced intravenous sedation for the graduate students. He also provides seminars for the use of conscious sedation for dentists.

His London, Ontario dental sedation practice opened in September 2008. This is the only dental practice limited for the dental treatment under sedation in London.

Dr. Lacombe pursued this unique education to fulfill his belief in providing comfortable dentistry and patient-centered dental practice and pain management.


  • Hi, just want to say thank you especially to Dr. Lacombe for the wonderful job extracting my tooth. Right now I’m feeling more better, and I may be able to work on Monday. Regards and have a god day!

    - B.P.

  • Dear Dr. Lacombe, My experience with sleep dentistry was beyond expectation and I only have positive things to say about it. I have been handing out your phone number to friends ever since my last visit and recommending you to anyone in need of dental work. I look forward to hearing from you again. Thank you.

    - J.C.

  • This is just a not of appreciation for the excellent dental care received at your clinic. After many years of receiving dental care without the benefit of local anaesthesia, I was extremely happy to have your clinic recommended to me. The procedures and costs involved were thoroughly explained and I felt confident that I would be well cared for. The clinic is easy to access and the atmosphere reassuring. I felt very relaxed on the day of the procedure and was surprised that I felt absolutely no pain. Other than feeling a bit tired following the anaesthetic, I was relieved at how smoothly everything went. The competent staff made me feel completely at ease. Thank you, I will certainly return If I should require dental anaesthesia again.

    - T.T.

  • Hi, Please send my sincere thanks to Dr. Lacombe for seeing me and making such a great assessment of my discomfort. I was very impressed with his professionalism, and knowledge, and it was a breath of fresh air to come to a dentist office and feel so comforted by both your staff and Dr. Lacombe, you have a great practice there.

    - D.P.

  • Dr. Lacombe, I commend you on the procedure you did. So far I have had no problems. Your instructions were concise and easy to follow. And now, I am feeling better about the future of my dental health. I will be pleased to recommend you to any of my parishioners as someone whose work is beyond repute. With every good wish.

    - K.R.

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