faq / Patient Specific FAQ

Who is a candidate for Sleep Dentistry?

People who have...

  • High fear or anxiety
  • Experienced a traumatic dental experience
  • Very sensitive teeth
  • A gag reflex
  • Difficulty in becoming numb
  • Special needs or mental disability
  • Extensive dental procedures needed

How is the Medication Administered?

The sedative and anaesthetic medications are given intravenously - this allows Dr. Lacombe to precisely administer the appropriate amounts of medication throughout the appointment.

How am I Monitored?

Depending on the depth of the sedation and anaesthetic required, as well as your own medical condition, various monitors are used. Dr. Lacombe, along with a registered nurse will be with you and closely observing you throughout your treatment.

Is Anaesthesia Safe?

The use of sedation and anaesthesia in dentistry has an excellent record of safety. Dr. Lacombe and his team are committed to your overall health as their primary concern.

Dr. Lacombe completed his Masters Degree in Dental Anaesthesia at the University of Toronto. He is qualified to administer sedation and anaesthesia to adults and children for dental treatment.

Will I feel any pain?

You will have no pain during your dental treatment. Often patients do not remember their dental appointment. They feel as though they have slept through it.

Will someone need to accompany me to my appointment?

YES. Most patients can leave following a short recovery. It is normal to feel tired for a few hours after your appointment and we suggest staying home for the remainder of the day.

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