Patient Care / Fees

We pride ourselves to offer our services at the lower cost possible.

Dr. Lacombe provides all of his dental services at the “general practionner’s fee guide”. Its means that you pay the same amount for your dental work as your family dentist would.

As a dental anaesthesiologist, Dr. Lacombe is responsible for both your dental treatment and the sedation services. This allows him to eliminate certain charges such as “facility fee”. These fees can increase the price for the sedation substantially. You can expect to pay for the sleep dentistry services approximately $250 per hour. Other sedation services, such as conscious sedation (laughing gas) will cost you less.

Patient Care / Dental Claim Payments

Thank you for choosing us as your dental care provider. Our office is committed to providing you with the best possible care. Please understand that payment of your bill is considered as part of your treatment. The following is a statement of our Financial Policy.

Regarding Insurance

We realize that every person's financial situation is different. For this reason we have worked hard to provide a variety of payment options to help you receive the dental care you need and want with respect to your budget.

Dental Insurance

We are happy to submit the claims necessary to see that you receive the full benefits of your coverage. Please know that we will do everything possible to see that you receive the full benefits of your policy.

We accept assignment of your dental insurance, which means that the dental office files the primary insurance claims on behalf of the patients and requests their insurance company to pay the dental office directly.

Needless to mention, if the insurance company refuses to pay the dental office directly, the patient is required to pay the dental office after every visit.

If for some reason your insurance company has not paid their portion within a reasonable amount of time, you are responsible for payment at that time.

We are aware that unexpected dental care costs can significantly impact your budget and we want to make our services as affordable as possible. Please ask our office administrator for more information.

Know Your Dental Insurance Policy. While we provide you extensive interpretation of your insurance coverage and also advise you on your insurance coverage we strongly advise patients to understand their insurance coverage.


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