Patient Care / Sleep Dentistry Facts and Terminology

Dental Anaesthesia or Sleep Dentistry is a sophisticated technique that provides the ultimate in relaxation and pain management.

Medication for sedation is injected intravenously to quickly and effectively control your pain and anxiety.

Dosage is controlled, according to the specific needs of each patient, creating a very deep state of relaxation.

Throughout the sleep dentistry treatment the patient’s vital signs are monitored and Dr. Lacombe and his staff, including a Registered Nurse, adjust the medication in order to ensure complete medical stability.

The type of anaesthesia used will depend upon the age and physical condition of the patient as well as the type and length of the dental treatments. The medications are completely individualized to each patient to ensure a pleasant and safe experience. 

Patients will not feel any pain. Often patients do not remember their dental appointment. They feel as though they have slept through it.

Following the sleep dentistry treatment, most patients can leave following a short recovery. It is normal to feel tired for a few hours after your appointment and we suggest staying home for the remainder of the day.

The sedation medication completely leaves a patient’s system after 18 hours.

Sleep Dentistry is a safe, comfortable option to traditional dental procedures. Occasionally patients experience side effects common to general anaesthesia, such as nausea, vomiting or dizziness.

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