Referring Dentists

Dr. Lacombe obtained his specialty diploma in dental anaesthesiology from The University of Toronto. His practice is limited to dental treatment under sedation.

For dentists with patients who require special care for specific procedures, Dr. Lacombe can provide sleep dentistry procedures as required, after which the patient returns to their regular dentist for regular dental care.

This can provide ideal, pain-free dental care for:

  • Patients are fearful of a specific procedure (eg. root canal, or extractions) and would prefer to be asleep for the procedure
  • In situations where local anaesthetic does not work effectively and the patient may endure discomfort during a procedure
  • Patients with a sensitive gag reflex, who requires a procedure to be completed on a back tooth, will be able to have the work done without gagging
  • Patients too young to cooperate
  • Patients with special needs

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